How To: Mix a Skinny Margarita

Mix a Skinny Margarita

Love margaritas -- but not the calories? Slim them down without sacrificing taste. Learn how to mix a skinny margarita.

You will need:

a lime
1 1/2 oz premium silver tequila
6 oz no calorie lemon-lime soda
1/2 tsp diet powdered lemonade mix
a shot glass
a cocktail shaker
a cocktail glass
a small plate (optional)
sea salt (optional)

Tip: Always use a fresh lime - ready-made lime juice is chock full of sugar.

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Just thought I would recommend that you do not pour the soda into the shaker. It will blow the top. Simple mix the lime juice and tequilla and lemonaide mix in the shaker and add the soda separately.

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